Christine McClure

Librarian. Developer. Photographer. Geek.


Here are a few things I've developed over the years...

Portfolio is an online book of graphic design and typography assignments created for a document design course.


This one, of course. The latest rendition of is an exercise in:

  • Mobile first design methodology: Planning for the mobile site first, instead of later. This allows you to focus on the most important content of the site, rather than filling up all the real estate of a traditional desktop monitor simply because there is space.

    Read more about mobile first.

  • Responsive web design: Users now have so many devices they can use to access your site that it is no longer feasible to create a single, fixed-width design style. Resize your browser to see how the layout of this site changes.

    Read more about responsive web design.

  • Setting type to a baseline grid: Aligning blocks of text into rows and columns allows for a much better user experience. This was easily done for print products and has only recently been developed for the web by intrepid designers.

    Read more about baseline grids.

I also designed and developed Galvin Library's first mobile website. This site (released July 2011) uses the jQuery Mobile fremework.