Christine McClure

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The Lab

What's on the back burner?

Ruby on Rails

I've been learning a bit about the Ruby programming language using the Rails framework. It's slow-going because it's such a terse language, but you can see a small example of an application I'm currently developing at the Heroku site.


This is my first outing with WordPress. I purchased a flexible, grid-based theme (Modernize) and modified it to suit my needs. I got to know my way around plugins as well, using them to simplify the admin interface for editors and pull feed information from a google calendar. Done for one of Chicago's finest neighborhood pubs.

Honeypot Form Validation

I started getting some spam, so I added a honeypot to my mail forms. This is a hidden form element that only robots scripts will fill in. You check the element's value once the form is submitted. If it isn't empty, you can reject bot spam emails and keep your inbox clean.

Background Designs

This entry used to be "redesigning my site," but now that it's up and running I'm playing around with some of these great background ideas from this article.